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Operations Manager Position

This is a permanent remote position with overall responsibilities of daily business operations.
The Operations Manager will:
  • Coordinate daily business operations, ensuring organizational excellence
  • Oversee work of the Creative Supervisor & Studio Manager
  • Analyze and interpret data and metrics to assist in business growth
  • Take the lead in expansion activities including new sales accounts
  • Work with the digital marketing specialist in developing marketing strategies, and collaborations with other like-minded organizations/nonprofits
  • Oversee design, plan, & implementation of annual fundraiser, events, conferences, etc.
  • Take the lead and work with the Bookkeeper on all financials including bookkeeping, reports, monthly reconciliation, taxes, etc
  • Fulfil Payroll each pay period
  • Fulfill all online sales order
  • Fulfill all wholesale account orders

To Apply
Email resume and cover letter to info@mendonthemove.org




We are looking to add another seamstress to our team of survivor makers! Experience is a plus but not required. Mend currently employs an experienced seamstress who will train you. This position has a focus on sewing but also entails learning jewelry making and everything that goes along with it. Being a small social enterprise, it is helpful for employees to overlap skills when needed.

16 hours a week to start

Other key qualifications:

  • Dependable
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Detail-oriented
  • Transportation to the worksite required
  • Work on-site: We are a community-oriented work environment with survivors supporting survivors


To Apply
Email resume and cover letter to info@mendonthemove.org