Our Mission

Mend on the Move, a 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise, employs survivors of abuse in Metro Detroit to create jewelry which provides them with an income while in recovery. Our jewelry is created from salvaged auto parts and car seat leather, symbolic of our commitment to serve women locally in the "motor city".

Jewelry making is the tool we use to do our real work, which is helping our makers feel valued, gain confidence, independence and healing in a caring, safe work space. Our makers are contributing to an empowering movement that is helping abused women take back their lives.
We go to recovery homes, where our survivor makers live, and work on-site from a mobile studio, which serves as both creation station and retail space for events and markets.
My Story:
Founder, Joanne Ewald
One in four girls will experience child sexual abuse. These broken, abused children, if not given the opportunity to heal, grow into broken adults who are vulnerable to many of society’s injustices. This is the common story of the women we serve through Mend on the Move. 
It is also my story and why I was inspired to start Mend on the Move. I, too, am a survivor of child sexual abuse. But I was one of the fortunate ones. My abuse did not lead to trafficking, addiction, homelessness or domestic abuse.  I have been able to heal.
My heart aches for those women who are still trying to find their way. Through Mend on the Move, I hope to help break the silence of abuse and trafficking, empower survivors, and be their voice until they become strong enough to find their own.


For speaking inquires please contact Joanne at joanne@mendonthemove.org